Bhaya Premium Cruise

Bhaya Premium Cruise, Bhaya Classic Premium Cruise features smaller boats that deliver a boutique experience emphasizing privacy, while maintaining the classic oriental design found on all Bhaya boats. Large passenger cabins accommodate up to three adults in full comfort, with just 3 to 7 cabins on each boat. Bhaya Classic Premium Line boats provide a uniquely personal space to appreciate the magnificent scenery of Halong Bay.

Premium Balcony Cabins, with an area of 20 square meters, raise the bar by offering genuine comfort for up to three adult passengers, with triple occupancy in mind from the design stage. Cabin interiors offer an understated elegance, and connecting rooms ideal for families are available. A private balcony with each cabin provides a comfortable space to view Halong Bay.

The smaller size of the Bhaya Classic Premium Line boats reflects a determination to raise the quality of the Halong Bay cruise experience. While bigger boats may make headlines, Bhaya Classic Premium Line is designed to make memories. With the largest of the Bhaya Classic Premium Line boats accommodating a maximum of just 20 passengers, you are guaranteed a personal experience and an intimate, warm atmosphere to take in Halong Bay's majestic scenery.

The Bhaya Classic Premium boats each have from 3 to 7 cabins, for a total passenger capacity of just 6 to 20 persons. The Bhaya Classic Premium Line cabins are more spacious than most, and can comfortably accommodate up to 3 adults in the triple room arrangement. In addition to cruise passengers, each boat carries a full crew, varying between 5 and 15 team members depending on the boat and the number of passengers. Apart from the private space within your cabin, the boat's restaurant and bar area, as well as the sundeck, are ideal places to spend time with your travel partner or simply enjoy the scenery.

Bhaya Classic Premium boats are wooden vessels constructed in the traditional oriental style long favoured by shipbuilders in this area. The construction material and style of the boats give them an intimate feel which sets them apart from most cruise vessels around the world. On board, you will find atmospheric spaces which speak of the heritage design, while the small size of the boat allows a greater level of privacy and exclusivity. The colour scheme on board is a fusion of the rich browns of hardwood, white, and yellow trim and accents. The wooden furniture on board only heightens the sense of timeless elegance which seems a natural extension of Halong Bay itself.

The Bhaya Classic Premium boats offer a uniquely personal cruise experience which is ideal for taking in the scenery of Halong Bay. Perfect for small groups of family or close friends, the Bhaya Classic Premium boats very quickly begin to feel like home. Cruising on these smaller boats emphasises the exploratory feel of your excursion through Halong Bay, and doing it with family or friends makes for a truly special experience. The cabins can be arranged for triple occupancy, and connecting cabins are available for the convenience of family groups. All facilities on board are boutique quality and carefully chosen to ensure passenger comfort and convenience.

On Bhaya Classic's Premium Line boats, the safety and security of our guests and team members is paramount. Before each cruise begins, all of our cruise passengers take part in a safety briefing. Our team members on the boat are well acquainted with all on-board safety systems and undergo rigorous monthly safety training. Bhaya Classic Premium boats are all equipped with integrated boat-wide alarm systems, life rings, life rafts and fire extinguishers. Each passenger cabin is connected to the alarm system, and is equipped with a fire extinguisher, hammer, flashlight and life jackets. When it comes to safety, there are no short-cuts.

Bhaya Premium Boat Facilities

The Premium Line of Bhaya Classic provides the spacious Premium Balcony Cabin option for all passengers, all cabins feature a balcony overlooking the breathtaking scenery of Halong Bay; the sundeck provides a quieter atmosphere for passengers who want to enjoy a peaceful and private time on board; the small and cosy restaurant and bar area and the spa area features a relaxing and intimate atmosphere.


Exclusively designed for passengers to relax themselves in the ethereal atmosphere of Halong Bay and stay away from the daily stress, the spa area features a relaxing atmosphere and subtle set of amenities. Enjoy yourself in the quietness of the bay with a body massage, soothing skin care or beauty treatment.


Located in the ship’s third deck, the small and cosy restaurant and bar area offers a tastefully designed atmosphere to enjoy the culinary experience. It is part of the unforgettable journey with Bhaya Classic Premium offers delicious cuisine combined with a superb ambiance.


The Premium Line of Bhaya Classic provides the spacious Premium Balcony Cabin option for all passengers. With a total of 20 square meters, the Premium Balcony Cabin boasts a wide, open space with room for 3 guests. All cabins feature a balcony overlooking the breathtaking scenery of Halong Bay, where passengers can enjoy a relaxing time in private or enjoy a tasty dinner in the open air. The spacious cabins, elegantly designed with impressive interiors, also offer connecting rooms for families.


The ship’s sundeck on the top level of Bhaya Classic Premium is the most favourite place to enjoy the exquisite scenery of Halong Bay. Boarding only a small group of guests, the sundeck of Premium Line provides a quieter atmosphere for passengers who want to enjoy the peacefulness and private time on board. Enjoy an interesting book, a Bhaya signature cocktail, sunbathing or just simply relaxing in the cosiness of Bhaya Classic Premium.

Bhaya Premium Balcony Cabin

Premium Balcony cabins are aboard Bhaya Classic's new premium line, freshly launched in 2015 with three new boats that represent the small cruise concept. Bucking the trend of building ever-bigger boats, these premium boats are made with intimacy in mind. The boats feature a cosy atmosphere with a maximum of 15 passengers among 3-7 cabins per vessel. The smaller boat size emphasizes the personalized touch while exploring the emerald waters of Halong Bay.

The 20 square meter Premium Balcony Cabins provide wide open space, with room for three guests, improving on the previous standard of two guests. All cabins feature a private balcony overlooking the breath-taking scenery of Halong Bay. The spacious, elegantly designed cabins with luxury interiors also offer connecting rooms for families.

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