Bai Tu Long Bay

Not as famous as Ha Long Bay itself, but Bai Tu Long Bay is even prettier to many travelers. Because this bay is accessible by only few tourist company here, it’s still clean, not spoiled and charming, cruising here felt like heaven on earth. Bai Tu Long Bay is actually an ideal rendezvous for beach lovers with attractive marine Eco-tours and wonderful natural beauty of stunning beaches.

Until now, Bai Tu Long Bay still remains a wide unexplored area. In this big area, visitors can find a pristine beautiful natural landscape. Most cruises in Bai Tu Long Bay take you discover a less visited part including Cong Do area, Cong Dam area, Vong Vieng, Cong Dam floating village, Thien Canh Son cave, some small nice beach for BBQ lunch or dinner in cave… Besides Bai Tu Long Bay, there are Quan Lan island, Ngoc Vung island, Cong Dong and Cong Tay island (a small number of local people live in these islands) with many beautiful beaches. In addition, Bai Tu Long bay national park is rich in biological diversity, home of many different flora and fauna.

Located in breathtaking Halong scenery, Bai Tu Long tourism area compelled you with white sandy beaches, abundant shape of islands and the pure atmosphere of the sea. Immersing in mangroves stretching out, clams and sea shells still littering on the sand, I felt to be completely separate myself from the real world to come back my immemorial time. In addition, sea in the night was actually quiet with murmuring waves, twinkling lights from fishing boats bobbing on the water, and beyond islands standing motionless in the dark. Sea breezes seemed to understand the human heart. They soothed the soul and dispelled the fatigue of the hustling life. Smog of modern life has not been actually tampering Bai Tu Long yet. Bai Tu Long Bay is actually a part of Halong archipelago, it is right in the northeast of Halong Bay. The only difference is the rock forms are not in diverse and special shapes like in Halong. Currently, there is a handful of boats cruising in Bai Tu Long Bay. That’s why some people choose Bai Tu Long bay instead of Halong.

Travelling to Bai Tu Long Bay is off the beaten track and promise to deliver many unique experiences, being far away from touristy sites.

Wandering on the azure-blue beach, breathing in the air-filled breeze and enjoying the tropical sunlight, your trip to Bai Tu Long Bay will surely be a long lasting memory of your life.

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